Corrections Policy

Correction of acknowledged errors is a proud tradition of newspapers and an important approach to establish confidence with our readers. DailyTrueStorys’s corrections policy outlines how we amend the record when we post false or inaccurate information by mistake.

We are dedicated to informing readers as soon as possible about the unwanted errors, their significance, and along with the proper information. Please notify Editor-in-Chief Farhad Kabir at of any potential inaccuracies. Once we receive a correction request, our editorial staff will perform a thorough assessment of the disputed facts and seek to validate the article as published using firsthand sources to decide if a correction is warranted.

If a mistake occurs in our website or social media pages , We will fix as soon as it is encountered.

When it comes to digital content, we update the story with the revised information as soon as we discover an issue. We will indicate the updated information at the conclusion of the web article, point to the incorrect information that was previously published, and specify the date and time the change was made.

If we discover an error, whether in an article, headline, photo caption, or elsewhere, we are dedicated to posting a correction as soon as possible. If a significant adjustment is made online, we post a correction and explain the change at the conclusion of the article.


When our coverage is factual but not clear or inadvertently misleading, or when we fall short in any other way, we promise to issuing an explanation as quickly as possible.

Social networking site

If we post inaccurate material on social media, we must update it on that site.